what I did on my haliday was... I want to a party with all my family. We all ate food  and sent the kids to go hunt easter egg then we left it was a fun weekend.
1. Understand the problem
We try to send a chip by placing it in s envelope and sending it through the mail.
2.Gather information
We used Popsicle sticks,straws, index cards, envelops, masking tape and scissors.
3.Develop several solutions
We decided to build a wall inside the envelope and tried to build a stable structure to hold it up. At first we tried straws but they broke so then we tried the top of the Popsicle stick and it kept falling down so i came up with the idea to build a structure to hold it up by getting a bunch of wood of the Popsicle stick and taped them to gather and then glued them to the top and bottom of the wall.
4.Implement the solution
I had a wall on both sides of the envelope and a bit of wood taped together and glued it to the wall to hold it 

I will Include at least five examples in my discussion. Before the industrial revolution, people didn't need clocks; they worked from sunrise to sunset. After the revolution they needed clock to keep up with there work schedule. Most Americans lived in the country,farming. After the revolution most Americans lived in the city's. Many children work in factory's to earn money for there family. Before the revolution things were very quiet but after the revolution there was lots of noise due to the machines. Also people suffered form lunge damage due to all the extra air pollution. Before the revolution children didn't have public schools but fter the revolution public school started to pop up everywhere. That are some of the examples of how the industrial revolution helped/hurt us.

This summer I did nothing but stay at my sister.I was only suppose to stay there 3 weeks but my mom didn't plan ahead.I ended up staying there until august 24.But it wasn't all bad i got to see my little cousins(there little devils by the way). That was a lot of fun and I got to try a lot of new things there to. I also got to see the new spider man movie.Then I got back home and started doing choirs I wasn't ask to do and my mom was so impressed(at my sisters I learned to do thing and I can get thing)I was so glad to be back at my house that I went stat to my ant to see my bothers. I'd missed them so much because I had nobody to pay video games with except my little cousins(they are 2 and 3). Then I stayed up for 2 days straight to. That's what i did this summer. Not the most existing but it was my summer and i liked it.

My color is red. Red means that I'm a fast worker and a very competitive person. That matches my personality almost exactly. I'm very competitive and very fast worker. My weakness it not paying attention to detail very much. Just work as fast as I can. My best mach up with other colors is blue. Because they are very slow and pay very close attention to detail. They also are very organized and red isn't. They also are very good to red because they make them slow down and think slower. The red makes them speed up so they can get the work done faster and in a time limit to. That is why I think I'm a red. Also why red and blue go together great.