1. Understand the problem
We try to send a chip by placing it in s envelope and sending it through the mail.
2.Gather information
We used Popsicle sticks,straws, index cards, envelops, masking tape and scissors.
3.Develop several solutions
We decided to build a wall inside the envelope and tried to build a stable structure to hold it up. At first we tried straws but they broke so then we tried the top of the Popsicle stick and it kept falling down so i came up with the idea to build a structure to hold it up by getting a bunch of wood of the Popsicle stick and taped them to gather and then glued them to the top and bottom of the wall.
4.Implement the solution
I had a wall on both sides of the envelope and a bit of wood taped together and glued it to the wall to hold it 

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